broken dreams

a broken heart

is hard to reconcile

to wake every day

and feel the ache

the longing

that will not go away

and yet to move

through the world

as if all is okay

i contemplate

how many people

live their entire lives

with a broken heart

and tell no one

they carry it around

day upon day

dreams upon dreams

an extension

of souls

unrequited desires

somewhat like lighthouses

out at sea

the mystery of somewhere

we’ve never seen

but in another time

knew it well

so familiar

lighting our way

yet strong undercurrents

keep us at bay

life chips away


our lives

are hollowed out

like a barbie doll

yet dreams remain

the ache in our chest

keeps us restless

pacing by

the shores of tomorrow

as our lighthouses

fade away

— patty

painting- ekaterinakovaleva@etsy

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