Dear Santa,

It has been a hard year. My world has been turned upside down. Everything I thought was good and just, has been flipped. Kindness has been replaced with hate, tolerance with disdain, respecting the planet with destroying it, from peace to war, from sharing to hoarding, from truth to lies, and from integrity to a complete lack of moral compass. My stress level has been really high. I can’t seem to embrace this new America.

You know, Santa, I am sure you have been reading about Donald Trump, America’s President. He is the type of person, had it not been for his rich parents, who would have found coal in his stocking on many Christmas mornings. But you will never believe…he likes coal. I know you are stunned. He actually wants more kids to wake up to coal. He has renewed the coal industry slightly and repealed regulations on safety for the workers. The job has become more dangerous for the miners, but Trump wanted one last hurrah of dirty energy that destroys our planet. Not only that, with more people falling into poverty with no safety nets, coal may be on more lists to you this year; it seems to be the Republican trend this holiday.

Speaking of coal for Christmas, the president has never had respect for women. Did you see the video of him talking about how women let him do anything because he is rich and about how he can “grab their pussy?” Surprisingly, it wasn’t just Donald Trump doing this. It truly is “raining men” who have abused women, just like the President. I imagine this, too, will increase coal production this Christmas season. It truly is a very dark Christmas season for women. I am a female, feeling all the pain suffered by so many women.

But I am worried about so many people. The Nazis are back in vogue. It is hard to believe after the crimes of Hitler that this would be possible. Trump thinks they are nice people. This is fueling hate of all people not white and not male.. I am sure you are calculating how many people are feeling left out of Trump’s world. I hope you give all of these people an extra dose of hope this year. People are fearful. We are sleepless in America this year. Seeing you dash through the sky with Rudoph’s red nose will bring light to this dreary country. The sight of you bringing good will and joy will be just what many heavy hearts need.

One thing, Santa, please be careful. People in America are armed and dangerous. I am not sure reindeer are on a protected list. Trump and his boys have quite a few followers. They get a kick out of shooting down animals and turning them into wall trophies. They even fly the sky in helicopters to get a huge advantage over animals grazing in the fields — they just shoot them down from the sky. They even search out animals sleeping in their dens and kill them for no cause. Just their sick pleasure. So please take precautions this year for your reindeer.

Speaking of shooting, guns may be on the lists of many people. America is in love with weapons. A lady walking her dog was shot down on Thanksgiving Day. Concert goers, church goers, any place, anywhere…Americans have been warned that in order to be safe, a Republican senator suggests Americans live “small.” I truly think he means it.

Americans are to live small not just for safety, but in every way. Small salaries, small healthcare, small retirements, small dreams, and small in importance to the ultra wealthy. Americans are becoming peons, instead of “We the people.” Can you help us?

My Christmas wish is simple; save us. I know you know Robert Mueller, the man investigating Trump and his mob. There are so many possible ways to stop this madness. I know Mr. Mueller is looking at collusion with the Russians, money laundering, rigging the election, as well as a list of other major offenses against this country. Do you think the elves could help? I think most Americans would rejoice to see this crew packaged for prison on Christmas morning. Christmas would take on a whole new meaning. A rekindling of not just materialism, but the love of freedom and goodness. You are probably receiving many letters putting this Christmas wish on the top of the list. You know Santa, some things are more important than a toy. Peace in the heart is a wonderful thing. Ironically, the true meaning of Christmas is just that. So regardless of what Trump tries to tell you, don’t be fooled by fake news. He will try to con you with his big brain, his big IQ, and his big military, but Santa, maybe, just maybe, you have goodness on your side. For whether you are Christian or not, the mission of Jesus is timeless…

So Santa, the world is waiting for your magic. On Christmas Eve, I will await with childlike eyes. It will be still in the house, except for CNN on low volume in the background. May “Breaking News” be the true gift of the season. Merry Christmas Santa. Be safe. I believe.



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Patty Brown

Patty Brown

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.