I am trying to build a mission. It is a hard thing to do. I try. I fail. I try again. No one is paying me. No one is encouraging me. It is an intrinsic drive that keeps me going. There are many times I would like to ask a truly successful person a million questions. I want to learn from their personal journey. So the other day I reached out to someone and he said a very quick no. He did not have time. My friends, this is what is wrong in America. We should never be too busy to help. Truly, it speaks volumes about a successful founder who refuses to mentor a dreamer. My dad, an educator at heart, believed that his success was truly made up in the success of others.

When I received the message on LinkedIn, it felt quite cold and condescending. There was not even a good luck. Hey people…asking for advice is a true compliment. It is better than “great job or aren’t you something”…it is saying…”what you do speaks to me, speak to me some more.”

I have thought about this for a couple of days. It is time to pull the weeds in the garden of success. The reason America sucks, is because we, as a society, collectively have decided not to care or help others. When we do not give back, those below us often give up. America is full of creatives, feeling despair because no one will help them with their roadmap. What the hell is wrong with people sitting in their glass houses looking down at people with that arrogant smirk?

We should never be to busy to make a difference because no one makes it alone.

So, I think a platform might unlock the doors to all the glass houses. We see all you amazing humans sitting in there keeping all the rest of us at bay.

Please come out. If there was a platform for unicorn founders to give 2 hours a week to scrappy first time founders via one hour free phone conversations…the space would change. The house would still be glass, but this new light illuminating from inside would create a unicorn reflection that falls within the shadow of those struggling to make it. Are you with me?

This space could reshape Silicon Valley. The lack of diversity and the multitude of doors that only open for a peek at a certain pre-determined kind of founder would begin to open. Conversations can shatter preconceived biases toward those seen as unworthy. The best way to find new unicorns is too know who is on the quest. Judging from a distance is liking shopping at Amazon, you can’t see it or hear it, you can’t feel the texture, you go by pictures and reviews written by others, not knowing what your own reaction will be. You walk into a local store, you notice something and suddenly you are drawn to it. Although Amazon has millions of pages to scroll through, the local shop has the real deal right in front of you. Founder’s Free could do that, introduce those who want to succeed to those who already have. The real deal. Excitement must be felt. Determination must be heard. Ideas must be revealed. People must be given a doorway that actually opens.

It is truly about giving back so that others reach their destinations. Why be stingy with hope? I believe a platform like this could create more successes. There are so many problems to be solved. Don’t let great ideas die before they have a chance.

To be a great leader is more than making money. Great leaders work for others.

Founder’s Free would allow great founders to share their hearts with others on a mission. What could possibly go wrong? Our society needs to stop always looking inside ourselves and instead look outward. What we might find are the many relentless minds needing help on their journeys to their own destinations of “dreams come true.”

Giving back doesn’t steal your time, it grows your presence. We don’t have to watch the American Dream end.

Founder’s Free could be the platform for the American Dream…

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.