Patty Brown
2 min readApr 4


i had a thought

and then in a blink it was gone

i wondered

where did it go

did it somehow go to you

did you see the pink rose

climbing the wall

on your way home

but where is home

you say

it is down the winding road

in the patch of woods

the dogwood is blooming there

it is in love

with the thought of you

the sun filters through the windows

and i am alone

did you know

i look at the moon

i wonder

where are you

but like a miracle

my thoughts know

they deliver good rhyme to you

and i live them

wherever i roam

my mind a colorful collage

of every single word painted with a pen

looking over the blue painted rim

the place dreams begin

the made up world

we manifest

and then travel home

to the unknown

what the universe sends

to me

and i unfold

my heart

and all it holds

i sit in the empty chair on the pier

the everywhere of whim

oh how the water glitters

it sways in waves

and i wait for you right here

the sketch of a soul

not begot

never found

never known

not here

not yet

not anywhere

the universe

a library of books

that remain unread

~ patty brown

art — unknown



Patty Brown

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.