the moon was leaning through the panes

the stars were curiously

twinkling by the ledge

to see what

was inside the room

where i was lying in my bed

fast asleep in some foreign land

i felt a heavy blanket across my legs

and eyes peering at me

i sleepily

with one eye

looked up

to see a warm celestial glow

across the room it fell

at first

i felt intruded upon

and then i changed my mind

the moon has always been a friend

gazing from above

i took the light and pulled it tight

it was the warmest hug

it was as if

its heaviness

released my arbitrary fears

its blanket warmth

made me feel quite loved

so thank you moon

for peeking in

i know i’m not alone

one day soon

when you look

sad and tired

the world so crossed

so very wired

i’ll play your favorite lullaby

a solitary song

giving a human

(maybe me)

a chance to dance along


your mellow moonlight


along with shining stars

swaying back and forth

in rhythm with the tides

feeling warm and heavy eyed

i pull the light up to my chin


attempt to hide away

i reach to touch my sleeping pup

snuggled at my side

knowing in this world

of innocence and ugliness

the moon

my friend

is somehow

tied to god

with golden threads

of stars and light

that linger by

my bed at night

so a good evening cedes

to mischief makers



heaven and beyond

playing hide and seek

with sacred moments

where the light begins

to bend the darkness

the golden light of grace

lifts her lovely face

and gazes westward

the sun’s expected way

she lifts her wings

and takes her morning flight

across the bluest sky

gracefully as a butterfly

into another day

— patty



If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.