Beyond myself I see lights sprinkling, a city by the bay aglow. The fog soaked stars sketch the dark restless water below. The bridge cast in red, twinkles goodnight intimately to me. The tall, wide windows frame the view from floor thirty three. Tall and jagged, the hidden mysteries, the misty lady by the sea. I could never say no to traveling mystics that barter and lurk or street lamps that flicker stark within the illuminated murk. My heart danced its rhythm, one and two, yet capriciously it waltzed quietly away. No warning in sight and feeling a a bit of scorn, its overnight unfurling left me on the following blue sky October morn.

Photo — Eric Carlson Unsplash

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.