Patty Brown
1 min readJun 10, 2021


i was lying in the dark

the only light was my phone

the stars were twinkling down

outside my window

i was lying face down

my right arm extended

my right leg planted

over to the left

foot down

i exhaled

and then there was a spider

looking at me

from under the baseboard

she started running

terrified of me

to not lose the pose

i watched

as she scrambled

behind boxes

peeking out

dashing to the next

chair leg

i just watched

and thought

what she must think of me

she crossed the room


gazed at me

and dashed off

i untangled myself

i exhaled

the world is better

when we let others live

in the order of things

it is the heart we give

i grabbed my sweater

walked outside

looked up

the moon

the stars


looking down on me

i felt a little like the spider

i closed my eyes

and whispered thank you

and me

being so very small

i do not know claim

to understand the why

only the wonder of it all

only the wonder of it all

— patty

artist unknown



Patty Brown

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.