Someone Who Loved Me

This will be my fourth Mother’s Day without my mom. In a strange way, I think we often fail to celebrate those mothers who left us behind with a legacy of love. In my lifetime, no one has loved me like my mother did. Her unconditional love for me impacted the way I grew into myself. She truly nurtured my being, my imperfect, yet unique person-hood that enabled me to go into the world with her same brand of pure love. In the love she gave, she gave me the ability to love myself. Regardless of what others said to me, no matter the coldness of the world, or the cruel indifference of life, I was anchored.

We have this hope, firm and secure, as an anchor for the soul.

— Hebrews 6:19

As a mother, I want to give my son that feeling of being safe and loved. I want him to know that in a sea of people, no matter where he is or what he might need, there is a person he can always count on. True love does amazing things for us, it keeps us grounded. We are like ships at sea. We sail through life on beautiful days and perfect moments, until one day, we unexpectedly run into storms. Our lives are then tossed and turned. We feel uncertainty and anxiousness. Just knowing we have a safe harbor where we can anchor is true solace. My mother was always just that for me. Her gift to me has been renewed and given to my son.

“Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become.

— Brooke Hampton

Today, our children are more anxious and more depressed than in past generations. They have big worries: climate change, student debt, unemployment, world unrest, and gun violence to name a few. As our worries escalate, stress affects all of us. Sometimes adults are so busy, that they unwittingly rush by the children on overload. The children who are reaching for anchors, safe places for them to land. Mothers have a way, a sixth sense, a feeling that they are intuitively aware of where they need to be. My mother was no exception. She had a way of knowing where to be, what to say, what not to say, and how to make me feel like I was the only person in the world at that moment. She loved me. It lasted until the moment she died. Suddenly, I found myself living in a world where I had no safe place to land. I realized that it was my turn to become the anchor.

You let me cry it out

‘Cause you know that sometimes I can’t stop

And still, I’m seeking out

To stand up when the bottom drops

The weight of all the world

Can blind me to its beauty

But every time I need to be reminded

I know you will, and say you’re still

Someone who loves me

— Someone Who Loves Me — Sara Bareilles

So on this Mother’s Day, those who are lucky enough to feel that safe feeling, that love that is almost hard to describe, it is your day to acknowledge that in this crazy world, a safe harbor is possible. That our mothers gave us this gift of trust and faith, that we, in turn, give to our own children. Love encompasses so many emotions. A love that is relentless, steadfast, and strong against the chaos of the world allows for us a refuge, an anchored ship in the storms of life. And on those beautiful days of peace and joy, those days filled with blue skies and sunshine, that then wane with the sun setting in shades of orange and grey on the horizon, the warmth of family, and a mother who is there to celebrate these unforgettable moments of almost perfect. Remember those moments and take this feeling to your own children. They will then take it to theirs.

“Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do”

— Turning Page- Sleeping At Last

Today, I miss my mother. It was the privilege of my life to be loved by her. Although her presence is not physically felt, it is here. It is inside me. I hope we meet again. In the ordinary days of my life, I search for her, I expect to feel her in the most unexpected place. Perhaps I will be on a boat on the sea on one of those glorious days of sunshine and blue skies. A little girl, maybe three years old, will approach me. I will recognize those deep brown eyes, the kindness of spirit. She will sing to me and laugh throwing her dark hair back across her shoulder as she frolics off. We will know each other in a spiritual way. My life will come full circle. I will turn to my son, he will know what I am thinking. So let me tell you right now, love with all your heart, and don’t be afraid to be the anchor for the lives that you are privileged to call yours. Happy Mother’s Day…every day.

May your life be long

Your friendships deep

May your heart be kind and true

I pray you know the peace of God

And how deeply I love you

— Song For My Children — David Barnes

My Mother’s Day Music

This song resonates with me since the passing of my mother. It was probably written for a lover, but it works…

I think this song represents how so many parents feel about their children…

I think this next song is beautiful. It is perfect when we feel privileged to be loved by someone…

Have a lovely Mother’s Day!



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Patty Brown

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