Patty Brown
2 min readOct 14, 2022

i am my thoughts

and yet where do they come from

everything that flows in my head

all so clear

so vivid

so many things

on my canvas

my photo reel

that i contemplate

as words fall onto the screen

i wonder where they have been


before now

and yet we all are one in the universe

with thoughts of our own

we are a kaleidoscope of emotions

floating in the universe

invisible to most

except for the rare few

who feel almost everything

they always know

how the shadow falls across the room

how the moon covers us in a prayer

in hues of gold

and then follows us

all the way home

interpreting our deepest thoughts

along the way

they speak to us

in a star struck way



Patty Brown

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.