We Need a New Artist in America…

It is time to repaint America. The last year in America has been dark and gloomy. The current administration has given all to the rich, including corporations, while taking from everyone else. Low wages, fewer benefits, no safety nets and leaving Americans worried about the future. A future with dirty air and water can be expected, everything becomes for profit, and inequality is at pre-depression levels. Austerity has hit America, designed by one of America’s greediest con men. The effects are ruthless. We need a redo… fresh paint full of bright colors and energy.

As the quality and standard of living erodes in America, the very wealthy are being enriched. The big question is “How much can the US economy withstand?” It feels like war on the 99% of society.

As the US grows darker, a small country across the sea is making bold changes.

“At a time of mounting uncertainty in Europe, Portugal has defied critics who have insisted on austerity as the answer to the Continent’s economic and financial crisis. While countries from Greece to Ireland — and for a stretch, Portugal itself — toed the line, Lisbon resisted, helping to stoke a revival that drove economic growth last year to its highest level in a decade.” Read here:

Portugal worked for the people, instead of crushing the spirit of the country, they inspired it.

“The government raised public sector salaries, the minimum wage and pensions and even restored the amount of vacation days to prebailout levels over objections from creditors like Germany and the International Monetary Fund. Incentives to stimulate business included development subsidies, tax credits and funding for small and midsize companies”

The enthusiasm has spread throughout Portugal. Maybe a positive vibe creates positive outcomes. The US, on the other hand, is crushing workers. It shows everywhere you go. US workers are long over due a generous pay hike and human capital needs to be respected. But the current administration cares little for those with less, he asks the average American to give up security to give more to those with more than enough. Read here:

So if the US wants a comeback, we need to look at Portugal, not Greece. In the midterms, citizens must elect leadership who will serve and enhance the 99%.

To make America great, positive energy must be felt by everyone. Broken energy chains break the machine. The American machine is broken. You can’t expect broke and miserable workers to create an energetic economy with a mojo. It will never happen.

The US desperately needs a new eye...a new artist. We need positive energy in healthcare, education, sustainable energy, employment, retirement, infrastructure and values. We need leadership that sees beyond enriching themselves to enriching all Americans. In November, vote positive energy into America. Austerity is a bleak proposition to secure the wealthy, leaving everyone else behind.

So instead of reading “Animal Farm” this weekend, read about Lisbon.

Quite a change from this:

The American people must vote out austerity for a rebirth of the American spirit. Recreating the American canvas, recreates the American Dream. Every American deserves a piece of the pie. Vote in November. If you need inspiration, look at Portugal. Let the sun shine on new, repainted, bright America.

Today is Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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