What Would You Do With A Billion Dollars?

Can you imagine winning the Mega Millions? It is now worth over 1 Billion Dollars. I thought about this last night before I went to sleep. If suddenly I could do whatever I wanted to do, where would I start?

First I would purchase a farm in Tryon NC. Tryon sits at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. It is an old horse town that is becoming a new international horse destination. Prices are expected to triple on real estate in the next ten years. The growth will be farms. Beautiful rolling land with horse fencing as far as the eye can see. Close to the hippest city in America, Asheville NC, and surrounded by quaint mountain towns, it is a perfect spot to live…really live. I would take in race horses needing a new home and rescue farm animals from the slaughterhouse. My heart would feel full and my mind at peace spending long days walking and riding the land that would be mine.

I would then drive three hours south on interstate 26 and buy a small cottage near the sea in Charleston SC. I love this city steeped in history, and yet bustling with a creative energy. The wildlife along the coast adds to the intrigue of this very special place. To have an escape, a small cozy abode with views of the sea, would be the extravagant gift to myself. A place to think and recharge on a whim.

Next I would turn my venture into reality. I would start with five Villages. Read here about Villages:

I would start in Charleston SC, next San Francisco, then New York City, another Village in Chapel Hill, NC. Last, but not least, a Village would be created for Tryon NC. After these were humming along, I would build 5 more; Austin, Savannah, Detroit, Chicago and Portland, Maine. When the first Village opens its doors, the AcCollegeMents website would launch. My dream to reinvent public school would begin. The website, in turn, would give students K-12 worldwide access to a virtual Village. As we move into a new revolution of learning, change is imminent and I want to be a part of this change. Our children, all children, deserve the most innovative education possible.

I imagine my billion dollars would go to the service of others. To have enough…to be able to give to our communities across America is truly an amazing opportunity. To live and share is the ultimate life. Winning the Mega Millions would create that reality for me.

If I do not win…sigh…I guess I will continue to create this dream by other means. So…have you thought about winning a billion dollars? How would you reinvent your life? Sometimes in thinking about it, you discover what really matters to you. Money is a barrier for most people. Can you imagine the world with no poverty and opportunities for all? What a different place we would live in…a utopia of sorts. So what is your utopia??



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