the rain

it poured most all day

there was a fear

of funnel clouds dropping down

and razing the ground

heavy clouds lingered

all painted gray

it broke for a bit

late in the day

i grabbed my rain coat

maggy and atticus too

i grabbed the bag of apples

carrots and corn

all for my tiny deer herd

on this dark stormy day

marching ahead

to i had no idea where

the pressure felt slightly off

so very forlorn

i hurried down the road

lightening was striking

through the clouds

the thunder rolled

across the sky

the rain started to fall again

and again

the deer were running towards the woods

they smelled me

or heard me

knowing i would come

i put out the apples and the corn

in the tiny green patch of woods

white tails flicking in relief

eyes were peering into me

blending into the tail green trees

as the rain grew harder

picked up steam

i said a quick farewell

and ran down the hill

grabbing trees with one hand

swinging to the next

mud sliding under my feet

across the bridge

i flew

up the street

lightening lighting up the sky

as i ran

i wondered

where do deer go

in the wake of a tornado

and does anyone else

even care

about the birds

their homes in trees

all the wild creatures

that few ever see

in our very busy of life

of who to be

as the storms

so blind

scatter all our debris

and the lights eventually go out


where do they go

the wild things

and me

— patty


If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.

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