is freedom

and yet

it is a wave

in the sea



here and gone

salt in mist

shimmering in the sun

lost without love

like a sea of people


as one

— -patty

painting by andrea choonoo “the waves of love”

when sadness comes

and it always does

i do not sit and dwell

i choke my tears

my unknown fears

and take myself

for a walk

beside solitude

and always always

in the company of dogs

who never ever

say a word

as i go

i converse

with my mind

in the quiet

where no one else


and no one ever


where the words

come from

or where they

have been before

i plant my sadness

in fields of tall grass

where the horizon

meets blue sky


sadness reappears

from time to time

making me

keenly aware

at four a.m.

atticus grumbled at me

from the side of the bed

his wet nose

nuzzled my face

he woke me

to go outside

at the time

when the moon begins

to give way

to the sun

i put on my shoes

and grabbed his leash

as i opened the door

a warm glow

was falling across

the calla lily

resting on the porch

her blooms

looked like angel’s horns

lying in

giant green leaves

shadows of wings

with miscellaneous

golden things

a silhouette

on the brick walkway

we traveled past

not to interrupt

a sacred monologue

atticus sniffed…

all the reasons

of our madness

the way we defend

our cruelty

how we walk away

and never look back

at our trails of destruction

the way we trample weeds

and poison gardens

shatter hearts

and starve the hopeful

our betrayal to all that matters

for a lie we created

a manufactured road to arrival

that never ends

just narrows

into the horizon

to a tiny point

a speck

in the universe

and in the scheme of things

all specks are the same

just a blur of color

on a spinning sea of blue


humbles us

and humility

begs us to look back

sun in our eyes

colors of the rainbow

us and them

salt to salt

dust to dust

all that remains of us

— patty

artist david galchutt

i write


that haunt me

no one notices

i sing

in the shower

no one hears me

i dance

in the kitchen

no one sees me

i weep

for the world

no one feels me

no one

is a lonely world

a lonely world

is a broken place

open yourself

feel your heart break

until you stare

sleepless at the ceiling

The world we cannot fix

the scattered pieces

when we close the door

of aware

joy and suffering

it is out there


let your senses

become a sponge


until you feel

the heartbeat of care

open the door

if you dare

— patty

art- “old blue door” by j erick ramos

i was outside

under the stars

dancing with someone

i never saw the face

twirling under

white lights

around and around


at the perfect sky

i looked up

and saw the ceiling

not the moon

not the stars

i realized

it was only a fairy tale

without bread crumbs

on a forest trail

i never knew

who held me

so close

in perfect time

as the sky

twinkled with light

and music

drifted into the night

a storybook dream

a soulmate


in another galaxy

so close

yet faraway rhyme

in a vastly different time

— patty

art by meleni pyke “sparrows”

in the darkness

i leave a light on

the shadows

linger on walls

the warm glow

a precursor

to the day

a confusion

that i might still be up

a message to the world

our problems

are suffocating me

and yet

i do not give up

there is something

that lures me

the butterfly leaves the cocoon

the flower blooms

the tide comes and goes

the stars infinitely shine

humans seek meaning

for our juncture

on this planet earth

the universe whispers to us

in every single rhyme

a message

please take it

for all it’s worth

we are playing roulette


by the awe of sublime

apparently blind

to the last vestiges

of our time

— patty

art “genesis” artist — unknown

the most important thing

about a space

is how the sun warms it

and how the moon falls across it

many people close their

blinds and shutters

what lures me to a space

is what is out the window

and how easily it visits me

day after day

i loved my special room

on seabrook

it had a wall of windows

that i left open all night

if i got up

for any reason

it always had

a golden glow

as the moon

was on the other side

of the glass

the den was the same

edisto was just across the marsh

i could stand

in the early morning hours

and watch the world wake up

lights twinkling

coming on one by one

as a fishing boat

would slowly creep by

— patty

art by junko ono rothwell

the last year

i have remained

in the same place

over here

waiting for life

to stumble

into tomorrow

but everyday is wednesday


sharing our lives

renders us in unexpected muck

languishing and stuck

do we unravel

into another day

wait and see

or forever live

on wednesday

like a song stuck

the words replay

and all stays the same

to grow older

as days slip away

I am a soul

growing bolder

longing for thursday

to break ground

and bloom away

— patty

art by Ting-an lin

i love being a stranger

to walk unfamiliar streets

go unnoticed

yet move as a local

to be a part

of the unknown

yet know my way

the immersion of self

into the foreign

the lands that lure us

to strange nostalgic places


we are all foreigners

searching for home

we never ever

find it alone

we find it

in the mystery

of who i am

where do i belong

does your landscape

mirror mine

the more foreign

we become

the more


we become

just one

— patty


Patty Brown

If life steers you into a dead end road, and you are trying to find your way, skip the GPS, take the road with no traffic. Founder studiO, early morning poet.

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